About this blog

Heading a global sales organization comes with a frequent traveller tag. I’m blessed with the opportunity of being able to experience all kind of situations during my travels. Some are funny, some very wired, some dangerous, some involve wired but tasty food, some are political and some truly eye-opening… and that’s what this blog is all about – connecting different worlds.

What I’m passionate about

Connecting different worlds is my passion, digital with analog, east with west, traditional with modern, young with old…

I see myself as a global citizen and collaborator; I’m a loving husband and proud dad; I’m working for the AS-Schneider Group – a great open company with great people.

My center of life is in the advanced city of Singapore in the heart of South East Asia. Living here gives me the first-hand opportunity to experience the fast paced change and adaption of new technologies and trends.

My key interests are…

#BuildingBridges, #CustomerCentricity #DesignThinking, #LeanStartup, #DigitalSales, #DigitalMarketing, #SmartCity, #IoT, #Digitalisation, #DisruptiveInnovation and how the #Future will look like.

Furthermore, I believe life-long-learning is essential not just for the professional development, also for my personal development.

Professional background

Professionally, I have a comprehensive global background in sales, marketing and business development in the Industrial Valve sector. Successful record of incorporating, managing and leading organisations around the world. Proven record for selecting and building high-performing regional and cross-functional teams when incorporating offices in different parts of the world. Believing in permanent re-organization to adapt to the ever-changing challenges. Exceptional leadership skills, strong in driving and leading change and capable of working round-the-clock to meet organisational objectives whilst having a hands-on start-up mentality.

Personal projects

I’m having a strong interest in making sure to understand the developments in the world on the political and economic landscape. Being amongst the firsts to adapt new trends and technologies. Trying to think outside the box to maintain a competitive advantage.

I’m proud to be involved in a social project for the betterment of the lives of people in need. A highly dedicated team devotes its time to build up a network of Safe Water Gardens in Indonesia. We have the vision to scale it up to build 100 Million of these gardens across developing rural tropical Asia and beyond. Read more

Please check out our SWG slide deck here: