Vietnam’s Manufacturing Export Industry

Vietnam is a very vibrant country, with a young population and is also the youngest member of the “Tiger Club Economies”.[1]In my opinion, it is becoming more and more interesting as an export-oriented manufacturing base for foreign companies.  The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the macroeconomic trends and risks for … Continue reading Vietnam’s Manufacturing Export Industry

Lessons Of The 2008 Financial Crisis

More than a decade has passed since the financial crisis that nearly plunged the global economy into a prolonged depression. The investment bank Lehman Brothers - a casualty of the subprime mortgage meltdown - imploded in September 2008. Contagion spread to major financial institutions in America and Europe. As a result, banks abandoned lending money … Continue reading Lessons Of The 2008 Financial Crisis

How Digital Tools Can Improve Employee Productivity

I believe that the importance of employee productivity in the workplace is a reality no organization can ignore. I also believe that E-Mail is killing productivity. By encouraging more effective output and collaboration in the work environment, it becomes easier to boost overall team performance. However, even this could be especially challenging for any business. … Continue reading How Digital Tools Can Improve Employee Productivity

How to Build a Creative Company Culture

I truly believe that Innovation is a livewire for the growth of any savvy company. In the past, companies could remain competitive based on the value of their products alone. Today presents a different prospect, however, as consumers are a tad fickle with their purchasing decisions, which are largely influenced by the value of the … Continue reading How to Build a Creative Company Culture

Micromanaging? Stop it! Lead More. Manage Less.

Micromanaging is a damaging habit that prevents the growth and potential of an entire organization. Employees are stuck with routine and laborious processes, without an opportunity to make independent decisions – and this negatively affects their confidence.

Truth is, it is impossible for top talents to thrive in such an environment. It is either they fail to reach their potential or they exit the toxic environment. Innovation is also curbed – even stifled – as mistakes, which form a natural part of the learning and development process, is hardly tolerated.

What is My Social Responsibility As A Corporate Citizen?

Beyond the question of ethical behaviour is a larger question that companies face on a daily basis: what is my social responsibility as a corporate citizen? Companies have a responsibility to many groups – customers, employees who count on continued employment, shareholders who expect ROI and a host of other entities like suppliers, government and … Continue reading What is My Social Responsibility As A Corporate Citizen?