How AI Will Change the Sales Team of the Future

It is no longer a matter of whether or not AI will impact sales in the future, but how much impact it will have.


The more time passes, the more we hear about the rise of Artificial Intelligence and its impact in different fields and industries – and this rise can no longer be ignored. Artificial Intelligence is the revolution of the future, and it is set to play a big role in the lives of sales teams. Here are six significant ways AI will impact the sales industry in the future.

Result-oriented Communication

Modern AI algorithms are optimized in such a way that communication processes are even more seamless. With this smart technology built into business applications, human-AI communication is not only made easier, but previously manual tasks can now be carried out in the most natural and intuitive ways. When humans are able to interact with machines, tasks become easier – and this translates to frictionless and valuable access to intelligence which will ultimately improve the understanding of a prospect or customer, and the factors that influence their decisions at any given moment.

More so, with AI powered applications in place, these results are delivered in the most human way possible to ensure swift and direct, yet empathetic action. Over time, AI may be able to act as proxies, communicating directly with prospects and customers in humanlike ways, providing solutions to questions, delivering invaluable content, and generating leads.

Predictions and Customer Insights

As “big data” and information becomes increasingly available in myriads of places, keeping with a specific challenge can become overwhelming, let alone predicting future possible outcomes. With the presence of AI and machine learning technologies, however, a whole new realm of possibilities in terms of customer insights and predictions will be opened up. This technology will help determine a customer’s potential actions, factors that influence their decision making processes, and disrupt the market now, tomorrow, and in the weeks or months to come.

With knowledge of what to do next, predicting successes and avoiding potential failures will be much easier. This will, in turn, make for sophisticated campaigns, sale strategies, and further improvements on products and services. As time goes by and data-driven results continue to improve predictive capacity, AI models will get even better, ensuring faster and more accurate prediction of opportunities, market challenges, and customer needs well ahead of the customers themselves.

Picture-perfect Prospecting

For many years now tech-savvy sales teams have been using lead-scoring software and prospecting tools to help them identify and prioritize leads effectively. More sophisticated commercial teams have combined experiences from their customer relationship management (CRM) and commercial involvements with insights such as customer comments, financial results, announcements, product launches, and blog posts. The challenge, however, is that much of the results from this strategy may be irrelevant, and there is hardly any time to read through and extract golden nuggets. And if you invest your efforts into reading and extracting this information, it will likely be out of date when you are done.

By processing, analyzing, and introducing these huge data sets into AI models, static facts and data will be seamlessly augmented with real time insights, experiences, and events, in order to produce accurate and much more targeted strategies that can be used for effective lead generation and execution.

AI Joins the Sales Team

Timely execution is especially crucial in today’s resource-filled environment. As AI models become more sophisticated, a whole new whole of possibilities for automation will open up. This will make the machine an active participant in commercial teams.

Imagine having a virtual assistant as a part of the team, one that does not just capture data, but directly communicates with you, provides timely directions, and undertakes otherwise manual tasks on your behalf, allowing you enough time to manage strategic processes, build tasks with clarity, and become more proactive in your customer relationships and approach. Imagine a world where you can ensure no stone is left unturned in your business management processes: no opportunities missed and no touch point left behind.

Organizations that invest in today’s early AI models will, without doubt, emerge as industry leaders tomorrow, as they continue to experience unrivaled sales improvements. In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence is today’s technology for tomorrow’s growth; it will streamline, augment, yes, it will radically change the sales team of the future, but it will not necessarily represent a supreme ruler or replace us humans.

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Image source: TarikVision/ modified by Tim-Frederik Kohler