Cultural Intelligence in Modern Day Leadership

Sometime in the past, having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was an essential element of leadership. Over time, emotional intelligence (EQ) complemented this ability to quickly and intelligently analyze facts. I'm convinced that leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence are able to connect with their audience and engage them in a personal and … Continue reading Cultural Intelligence in Modern Day Leadership

How to Build a Creative Company Culture

I truly believe that Innovation is a livewire for the growth of any savvy company. In the past, companies could remain competitive based on the value of their products alone. Today presents a different prospect, however, as consumers are a tad fickle with their purchasing decisions, which are largely influenced by the value of the … Continue reading How to Build a Creative Company Culture

Lessons in global expansion

For industrial companies, global expansion offers the promise of opening up new markets and opportunities and is often a natural next step after home market success and stability. The value a company creates in its home market can be applied to customers around the world. However, expanding globally comes with its own challenges and success … Continue reading Lessons in global expansion