Marketing Management & Customer Centricity

Unlike in the past, where the product and brand are at the centre of the company, Rethinking Marketing[1] is all about customer-centricity. It explains why the right culture, incentives and customer-centric strategy must be created and driven from the top to be successfully implemented. Today, companies have the opportunity to interact with their customers and … Continue reading Marketing Management & Customer Centricity

3 Signs Your Company Is Not Customer-centric

"Customer is king!" This age-old business mantra underlines the importance of the customer in every business. What I believe the truth is, most entrepreneurs understand the importance of the customer and talk about providing quality customer experience, yet a significant number of companies are still a long way off ensuring their business functions like a … Continue reading 3 Signs Your Company Is Not Customer-centric

Micromanaging? Stop it! Lead More. Manage Less.

Micromanaging is a damaging habit that prevents the growth and potential of an entire organization. Employees are stuck with routine and laborious processes, without an opportunity to make independent decisions – and this negatively affects their confidence.

Truth is, it is impossible for top talents to thrive in such an environment. It is either they fail to reach their potential or they exit the toxic environment. Innovation is also curbed – even stifled – as mistakes, which form a natural part of the learning and development process, is hardly tolerated.