Micromanaging? Stop it! Lead More. Manage Less.

Micromanaging is a damaging habit that prevents the growth and potential of an entire organization. Employees are stuck with routine and laborious processes, without an opportunity to make independent decisions – and this negatively affects their confidence. Truth is, it is impossible for top talents to thrive in such an environment. It is either they fail to reach their potential or they exit the toxic environment. Innovation is also curbed – even stifled – as mistakes, which form a natural part of the learning and development process, is hardly tolerated.

Focus on Safety & Environment in the Valve Business

The equipment sold into the oil and gas industry must meet the highest standards when it comes to safety and environmental issues and industrial valves are no exception. Consistently over the years customers in this industry have made it clear that safety and the environment were on the top of their lists when evaluating products. The … Continue reading Focus on Safety & Environment in the Valve Business